Having reviewed a total of 12 seafood restaurants across the stunning coastal cities of Croatia, I have curated a list of the crème de la crème for seafood enthusiasts. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable culinary journey as we dive into the flavors and textures of the finest delicacies this beautiful country has to offer.

From freshly caught fish to succulent shellfish, Croatia's coastal towns boast an abundance of seafood wonders that will leave your taste buds craving for more. So, join me as we unravel the tantalizing secrets of the best seafood in Croatia, promising an unforgettable dining experience for seafood lovers.

Fish & Seafood Restaurant - CASA

Fish & Seafood Restaurant - CASA
🗺️ Šetalište Nika i Meda Pucića 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
☎️ +385 91 438 7105
🌐 Website
Sunday: 9 AM–12 AM
Monday: 9 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 9 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 9 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 9 AM–12 AM
Friday: 9 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 9 AM–12 AM

From the moment I stepped foot into Fish & Seafood Restaurant - CASA, I knew I was in for a treat. The ambiance was simply beautiful, with its elegant decor and panoramic views of the sparkling Adriatic Sea.

The first thing that caught my attention was the quality of the seafood on display. The restaurant takes great pride in sourcing the freshest catch from local fishermen. Each dish is carefully prepared to highlight the natural flavors of the sea.

One of the highlights of the menu was the extensive selections of seafood available. From succulent lobster and plump prawns to tender octopus and delicate scallops, there was something to satisfy every seafood lover's cravings. The menu also offered a variety of dishes for non-seafood enthusiasts, ensuring that everyone at the table could indulge in a delightful meal.

As I took my first bite, the flavors exploded in my mouth. The seafood was cooked to perfection - juicy, tender, and bursting with taste. The culinary expertise of the chefs at Fish & Seafood Restaurant - CASA was evident in every dish.

To top off the unforgettable dining experience, I was fortunate enough to witness a breathtaking sunset as I enjoyed my meal. The sky turned into a vibrant canvas of oranges and pinks, providing a truly magical backdrop to my seafood feast.

In conclusion, Fish & Seafood Restaurant - CASA combines a beautiful setting, quality ingredients, a wide selection of dishes, and delicious flavors to create a truly memorable dining experience. Whether you're a seafood aficionado or simply looking to indulge in the best that Croatia has to offer, this restaurant is a must-visit.

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Bota Šare Mali Ston restaurant & oyster bar

Bota Šare Mali Ston restaurant & oyster bar
🗺️ Mali Ston, b.b, 20230, Mali Ston, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 754 482
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–12 AM
Monday: 10 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 10 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 10 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 10 AM–12 AM
Friday: 10 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 10 AM–12 AM
Beautiful place
Magnificent tower
Top level fresh oysters
Lovely restaurant
Delectable lunch

Let me start by saying that the moment I stepped foot into Bota Šare Mali Ston, I was transported to a world of seafood indulgence. This restaurant is truly a hidden gem that has earned its place in the article about the best seafood in Croatia.

The first thing that caught my attention was the stunning setting. Located in the heart of Croatia, surrounded by breathtaking views, the restaurant itself was a visual delight. The magnificent tower added a touch of grandeur, making this place even more enticing.

But let's talk about the real star of the show - the seafood. The fresh oysters served at Bota Šare Mali Ston are in a league of their own. Each bite was a burst of freshness, brimming with the taste of the sea. From the first sip of the salty ocean to the last note of rich complexity, these oysters brought a new level of joy to my taste buds.

Not only was the seafood exceptional, but the restaurant itself also exuded charm and elegance. The lovely ambiance, coupled with the attentive and friendly staff, created a warm and inviting atmosphere that made the dining experience even more enjoyable.

The grand finale was the delectable lunch I had. Every dish was beautifully presented and expertly prepared, showcasing the highest level of culinary craftsmanship. From the succulent lobster to the perfectly grilled fish, each bite transported me to seafood heaven.

In conclusion, Bota Šare Mali Ston restaurant & oyster bar is a must-visit for seafood lovers in Croatia. Its beautiful surroundings, top-quality oysters, and delightful restaurant atmosphere make it a standout destination. Trust me, a visit to this seafood haven will leave you wanting to come back for more.

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Konoba Bakus

Konoba Bakus
🗺️ Ston 5, 20230, Ston, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 754 270
🌐 Website
Sunday: 9 AM–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 9 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 9 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 9 AM–10 PM
Friday: 9 AM–10 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–10 PM
Excellent service
Delightful culinary offerings
Exceptional taste
Superbly prepared risottos
Exemplary service

Walking into Konoba Bakus was like stepping into a seafood lover's dream. The moment I walked in, I was greeted by the excellent service provided by the staff. They were friendly, attentive, and truly made me feel welcome.

The menu at Konoba Bakus is a delightful mix of traditional and innovative dishes. From freshly caught fish to succulent shellfish, every dish was prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail. The culinary offerings were a true testament to the gastronomic expertise of the chefs.

When it comes to taste, Konoba Bakus exceeded all expectations. Each bite was bursting with the flavors of the sea, leaving my taste buds begging for more. The exceptional taste of each seafood dish was a testament to the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

One particular standout was the superbly prepared risottos. Each spoonful was a perfect balance of creamy textures and rich flavors. The risottos showcased the talent of the chefs and their ability to elevate simple ingredients into extraordinary creations.

Throughout my meal, the exemplary service continued. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that my dining experience was exceptional, offering recommendations and answering any questions I had.

In conclusion, Konoba Bakus is a seafood haven that deserves its place among the best seafood restaurants in Croatia. From the moment you step through the doors, you are welcomed into a world of culinary excellence. With their excellent service, delightful culinary offerings, and exceptional taste, it's clear why this restaurant is a favorite among seafood enthusiasts. If you find yourself in Croatia, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in the seafood delights that Konoba Bakus has to offer.

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Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant

Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant
🗺️ Ul. Pred Dvorom 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 321 202
🌐 Website
Sunday: 8 AM–12 AM
Monday: 9 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 8 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 8 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 8 AM–12 AM
Friday: 8 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 8 AM–12 AM

Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant in Croatia offers a seafood extravaganza that makes my taste buds dance with delight. With each bite, the ocean-fresh flavors burst in my mouth like a symphony of goodness. The creamy lobster bisque is a luxurious indulgence, while the grilled octopus is tender and perfectly seasoned. Don't forget to try the crispy calamari that melts in your mouth. The charming atmosphere and impeccable service make this restaurant a true gem in the sea of seafood. Trust me, you'll be hooked!

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🗺️ Brsalje ul. 3, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 442 526
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed

Nautika in Croatia I recently had the pleasure of dining at Nautika in Croatia, a seafood haven that's making waves in the culinary scene. The elegant ambiance, attentive service, and a menu that reads like a love letter to the sea, make Nautika a true gem for seafood enthusiasts. From the succulent oysters to the perfectly grilled Adriatic fish, every bite was a symphony of flavors. The skillful presentation and attention to detail were impressive, making it a feast for the eyes as well. The wine selection was impeccable, and the staff's recommendations were spot on. I can confidently say that Nautika is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers searching for a memorable experience on the enchanting shores of Croatia.

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Sea food "SUTVID"

Sea food 'SUTVID'

I must say, Sea food "SUTVID" is an absolute gem in the world of seafood in Croatia. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm and vibrant atmosphere that set the stage for a truly unforgettable dining experience. The menu offers an extensive selection of fresh and flavorful seafood dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

One dish in particular that caught my attention was the Grilled Adriatic Octopus. It was tender, succulent, and bursting with flavors of the sea. The octopus was perfectly charred on the outside, creating a smoky and crispy texture that complemented the tender meat inside. Paired with a refreshing glass of local white wine, it was a match made in seafood heaven.

Another standout dish was the Black Risotto with Cuttlefish. The rich and velvety risotto was cooked to perfection, with each grain of rice coated in the flavors of the sea. The cuttlefish added a delightful chewiness and depth to the dish, making it a true delight for the taste buds.

The service at Sea food "SUTVID" was impeccable. The staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and eager to provide recommendations based on personal preferences. Their attention to detail and passion for their craft was evident in every aspect of the dining experience.

Sea food "SUTVID" truly stands out as one of the best seafood restaurants in Croatia. From the fresh and flavorful dishes to the exceptional service, it offers a dining experience that is truly unforgettable. So, if you find yourself in Croatia and craving some exquisite seafood, be sure to pay a visit to Sea food "SUTVID". You won't be disappointed!

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Fresh oysters

Fresh oysters
🗺️ D8, Croatia

Let me tell you, folks, Fresh oysters in Croatia are an absolute delight. Picture plump, succulent oysters kissed by the sun and kissed your tastebuds with their briny goodness. They were so fresh and beautifully presented, I nearly shed a tear. Trust me, these oysters are the real deal.

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Muszle i ostrygi

Muszle i ostrygi
🗺️ D414 10, 20246, Drače, Croatia
☎️ +385 91 790 3488
Sunday: 7 AM–8 PM
Monday: 7 AM–8 PM
Tuesday: 7 AM–8 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–8 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–8 PM
Friday: 7 AM–8 PM
Saturday: 7 AM–8 PM

Muszle i ostrygi is a hidden gem nestled along the picturesque coastline of Croatia. With a playful touch, their seafood creations are akin to edible art pieces. The freshest catches are transformed into exquisite dishes that will make your taste buds dance with delight. Don't miss the chance to indulge in their succulent oysters and the divine mussels - they are simply heavenly.

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Fish Restaurant Proto

Fish Restaurant Proto
🗺️ Široka ul. 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 323 234
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–5 PM
Monday: 11 AM–11 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–11 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–11 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–11 PM
Friday: 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–11 PM

At Fish Restaurant Proto in Croatia, I embarked on a delightful seafood adventure that left my taste buds begging for more! With their playful yet professional approach, the menu offers an enticing variety of marine treasures. From the succulent Oysters to the perfectly grilled Tuna Steak, each dish proves that Fish Restaurant Proto truly serves up the best seafood in Croatia.

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🗺️ Gundulićeva poljana 8, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia
☎️ +385 20 323 682
Sunday: 8 AM–11 PM
Monday: 8 AM–11 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM–11 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM–11 PM
Thursday: 8 AM–11 PM
Friday: 8 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 8 AM–11 PM

Boy oh boy, did Kamenice knock my taste buds off their feet! These seafood dishes were a flavor explosion, a true delight for any seafood lover. The freshness of the oysters, mussels, and clams was unmatched, and the presentation was like art on a plate. Kamenice is a must-visit for the best seafood experience in Croatia!

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Mussel & Oyster Bar " SUTVID "

Mussel & Oyster Bar ' SUTVID '

Mussel & Oyster Bar "SUTVID" in Croatia is a hidden gem, brimming with succulent seafood delights. Their mussels are plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor. And don't get me started on their oysters - they're like little salty morsels of sea perfection. Trust me, a visit to SUTVID will leave your taste buds dancing with delight.

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Il Porto

Il Porto
🗺️ Shetalishte Put Krizha 17 | HR - 21450, Hvar, Hvar Island 21450, 21450, 21450, Croatia
Sunday: 7 AM–12 AM
Monday: 7 AM–11 PM
Tuesday: 7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 7 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 7 AM–12 AM
Friday: 7 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 7 AM–12 AM

Il Porto in Croatia is a seafood lover's paradise! From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in for a feast. The menu was a dazzling array of fresh catches and mouthwatering flavors. The service was impeccable, ensuring I felt like a seafood royalty. Don't miss their creamy seafood risotto, it will transport your taste buds straight to the Adriatic Sea!

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